GeoCare Benefits Insurance Program

GeoCare Benefits Insurance Program – insurance plans and supplemental services for association members

The GeoCare Benefits Group Insurance Program
  • American Association of Petroleum Geologists
  • American Association of Professional Landmen
  • Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists
  • American Institute of Professional Geologists
  • Council of Petroleum Accountants Societies
  • Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society
  • Geological Society of Washington
  • Society of Economic Geologists
  • Society of Exploration Geophysicists
  • Society of Petroleum Engineers
  • GeoCare International

About GeoCare

The GeoCare Benefits Insurance Program is a unique group insurance program designed to meet the specific needs of earth science professionals. The Program is managed by a Committee on Group Insurance comprised of association members, like you, and they work to ensure that the Program is providing top quality insurance coverage with quality benefits and the exclusive member rates.

The insurance coverages in the GeoCare Benefits Program are underwritten by some of America's most trusted names in insurance and offer coverage in the form of group life, medical, disability, homeowners and auto, as well as a number of supplemental coverages.

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